the best cookies ever!

during one of my many wasted hours on pinterest i found this yummy cookie recipe that uses pretzels and had to try it! and by golly am i ever glad that i did. they are sweet and salty, the perfect blend if you ask me :)

don't they look delicious?!? are you salivating a little? i am!
you can find the recipe here

* i only used half the amount of chocolate chips and still found them to be super chocolatey 

i hope you enjoy them! oh and they go really well with a glass of milk! yum!



seven months!

my babe turned seven months old not too long ago, i can't believe how big he's getting. he's a 20 pounder :) and is changing every single day! his love for food outweighs his love for anything else (except his mumma and dada) he's almost crawling and is so so so happy when someone holds his hands so he can stand and dance around. his latest move is the backbend! if he doesn't want to sit or be held watch out! the backbender can squirm away in the blink of an eye, yes he's quick! i can only imagine what it's going to be like when he's actually crawling! this month he's also started teething, for real this time. his two bottom middle teeth are trying to make an entrance and lil madd is not too pleased with the whole ordeal. But as long as i have teething toys cold and ready to go he's pretty content.

goodness gracious i love being this kid's mumma :)
can't wait to see what next month will bring!
kat xo


DIY: Our New Compost

So the hubs wanted to start a compost in our backyard but i didn't want one of the usual large black buckets that everyone else has so we decided to make our very own :) we went on craigslist and bought a dresser for $20. We sanded it, primed it, and painted it red! The hubs took out the bottoms of the drawers and then separated the top of the dresser and added some hinges so we could easily flip open the top and dump in our compost. Here's how it turned out!

the plan is to build a flower bed around the compost and put it right next to our little veggie garden...the backyard is starting to come together folks! The grass is almost there, hopefully not too much longer and we will be out there for most of the summer :)

tootles, kat


six months old already!

i'm a little bit behind on this post... my lil madd hit six months last week, time is flying...seriously it's crazy how quickly these six months have gone by, i swear it was just yesterday that i gave birth ;)

anywhos here he is, my star!

he amazes me everyday, he's so cute i can't stand it! he's constantly smiling and giggling. he tries to eat anything he gets his hands on, and has completely fallen in love with our dog penny.

*he is now eating real foods, he loves bananas and is still trying to decide if he likes yams or not
*he loves to talk, he is now saying dada and mumma
*he is starting to move around a bit on the floor and he just rolled over for the first time TODAY!!! i'm so proud!!!
*and he is hooked on electronics, especially daddy's iphone, it tastes good, makes cool noises, and is fun to look at ;)

i'm so in love, mummahood just seems to get better and better.
hope everyone has a great week!

cheers, kat


the most amazing proposal!

i watched this on one of my favourite blogs, the daybook, this morning and had to share. this man deserves an award for  his proposal! seriously people! so much love and effort went in to this, ahhh it's just warms my heart :) give it a watch! and thanks sydney for sharing and for making me cry this morning :)

click here to watch

happy weekend


lil madd's first wedding!

we went to a friends wedding this past weekend at the delta ocean point resort and it was wonderful! great people, great food, and great conversation! and boy oh boy was the ceremony beautiful! i thought i would post a few photos of maddox at his first wedding, he was looking pretty cute in is bowtie and he was so well behaved, but we shipped him off to grandmas for the reception so the hubs and i could have a date night :) congrats to the lovely couple, laura and amanda, we wish you all the happiness in the world! xo

hope everyone had a great weekend!
kat xo


cutie paatooties!

have you ever seen sophie grace and rosie perform on ellen? they are the cutest little girls EVER, they sing, they dance, they have english accents, they are hilarious and they wear tiaras and tutus. anywhos ellen loves them and they are on her show from time to time. if you haven't seen them youtube it.
 they are a must see for shizzle.

their latest stint on the ellen show was performing a dance routine with twitch. here it is:

and my all time fav performance from them is this one:

these girls make me smile.
have a great weekend!
kat xo