seven months!

my babe turned seven months old not too long ago, i can't believe how big he's getting. he's a 20 pounder :) and is changing every single day! his love for food outweighs his love for anything else (except his mumma and dada) he's almost crawling and is so so so happy when someone holds his hands so he can stand and dance around. his latest move is the backbend! if he doesn't want to sit or be held watch out! the backbender can squirm away in the blink of an eye, yes he's quick! i can only imagine what it's going to be like when he's actually crawling! this month he's also started teething, for real this time. his two bottom middle teeth are trying to make an entrance and lil madd is not too pleased with the whole ordeal. But as long as i have teething toys cold and ready to go he's pretty content.

goodness gracious i love being this kid's mumma :)
can't wait to see what next month will bring!
kat xo

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  1. Oh my sweet baby Jesus -- That is one adorable little!